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 Print Media
Despite overwhelming movement towards other forms of promotion, Print still holds its niche in more than one way. It can give you the reach at a fairly affordable cost. Even now if you need to create brand credibility, a full color ad campaign confirms your commitment to the market in a big way. People still like to hold a physical magazine and read it. Print has a longer shelf life. Newspapers and flyers can be around homes for days at a time or longer. You’d potentially be alienating a large segment of customers by leaving Print ads behind. With our vast experience in Print media, we are here to cater to your needs in a cost effective fashion.

  • ADVERTISEMENT : We will develop concepts & create art work for print media allover India and other countries, in English, Kannada or in any language and bring out the same in media so that it reaches a wide spectrum of people in time.

  • DESIGNING : We will develop artworks & concepts which reach the targets simply, by our well experienced creative designers and concept developers.

  • LANGUAGE SPECIALIZATION : We have qualified language copy writer specialists for translation and design concepts in English, Kannada or in any language for the advantage of our clients.

  • MEDIA PLANNING : We will provide a guaranteed solution for your Print Media Advertising and Marketing needs. Our team will source the most efficient and profitable resources for advertising and marketing your business. We will plan and release the advertisements according to your requirements, so that the idea or the product reaches the ultimate target.

LC Communications is focused on helping our partners establish and enhance their presence. Before, during and after our assignment, we are here to help you with answers and suggestions to your questions. The world of advertising is a strategic subject...Our support team makes the difference!

 News Letter & Brochures
LC Communications also helps our associates in designing their requirements, ideas and views through attractive News Letters & promotional materials.

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